Top 10 Badass Female Superheroes in Movies

These are some of the most memorable female superheroes to make it to screen.


Well, who is she? She is none other than the Superman’s cousin who has the same powers as him, but just that she wears a skirt. She has acted in a movie so far and that was called Supergirl. This was a major hit way back then.

Sue Storm

The cute Invisible Woman has made her appearance in movies 4 times along with her other super-powered Fantastic Four family. In the Josh Trank movie, she was portrayed by Kate Mara.


She has ultra-powers and she can control the weather, which is why she prefers making it cloudy most of the times. She has appeared in X-Men Apocalypse, where it’s played by Alexandra Shipp.


This one always wants to show love and affection; however, each time she touches a person she absorbs their energy and drains them up completely. She was the best choice, portrayed by Anna Paquin for serving as the centre of the original X-Men trilogy.

Black Widow

Is this lady seriously a superhero? She has been the only female member in the Avengers for a long time. Her superpower is just simple kick ass.

Scarlet Witch

She is the other woman in The Avengers. Initially, on the side of the bad guys, she eventually switched side and then started using her mind control powers for good.

Wonder Woman

We saw this woman in the form of Gal Godot in the movie Batman vs. Superman. She was by far the best in the film. We are looking forward to more Wonder Woman movies.

Jean Grey

She is certainly one of the most interesting female super heroes for X-men. Grey has incredible telekinetic powers, which she is not sure how to handle. She is now backing in Apocalypse.


Gamora has incredible action sense; she beats up almost everyone at some point or other. She is someone that we must watch out for in the future.


The right Mystique is Rebecca from the X-Men that was released in early 2000. She is a woman who uses her shape-shifting abilities to help advance mutant power over humans.

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